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Student Success Center, Conference Room, SSC Rm 2026


Tuesdays/Thursdays, 12:30-1:30 pm (Student Activity Hours)

Who May Participate?

The sessions are open to all undergraduate students.

Is There a Fee?

No, the sessions are free.

Is There a Requirement for Registration?

Students are strongly encouraged to register for the particular session(s) they would like to attend; seating is limited due to the size of the conference room.  Walk-ins may be admitted if room is available.

For the spring semsester, a series of mini-lessons and feedback sessions will be offered on a reservation first basis; walk-ins will be allowed on a space-available basis.  There are six topic areas to be addressed in the series, and each topic will consist of two sessions.

Mini-lessons covering the specified topic will be presented in the first session.  Participants will be afforded opportunities to ask questions related to the specific topic covered, and open discussion within the workshop will be encouraged.  At the end of the first session, practical exercises will be assigned for completion outside of the workshop; participants will be asked to bring their completed exercises to the second session.  While it is in the participants' best interest to return for the second session, they are under no obligation to do so.  Additionally, so long as room permits, new participants (those not present for the first session) will be allowed to attend the second session.

Participants will return with their completed exercises for use in session two.  The second session will open with peer review, the length of which will be determined by the facilitator and level of activity taking place.  Possible (various) solution sets will be presented after peer review, and open discussion will once again be encouraged.  Participants seeking additional assistance will be referred to the Writing Center for one-on-one work with the tutors.  Participants will also be afforded the opportunity to attend future mini-lessons.

Surveys will be made available to participants at the end of the second session.  Questions specific to the materials covered will be asked and suggestions for future mini lesson topics will be solicited.

See the Academic Skills homepage for a schedule of topics and a link to the registration form.