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General Information

While there are no prerequisites for UNIV 100, 120, or 200, it is highly recommended that students take these courses in sequence (i.e. UNIV 100, then UNIV 120, then UNIV 200).

Generally, UNIV 100 (University Orientation) is recommended for all first semester freshmen to help with learning about campus policies and resources, and adjusting to college life.  The following semester, students may take UNIV 120 (Career and Major Exploration) to help them match their major with a possible career choice.  This course is highly recommended for exploratory [undecided] students who are considering a variety of possible majors.  Counts as a one credit elective.

Towards the end of a student's academic careeer at Old Dominion University, he/she may want to consider taking UNIV 200 (Career Implementation) to help with all aspects of the job seeking process.  However, UNIV 200 is open to all students regardless of classification (i.e. freshmen, sophomore, junior, senior, etc.).  Counts as a one credit elective.

Registration Guidelines

For UNIV courses

  • There are no prerequisites for these courses.  Students should consult their advisor for which course(s) they should take while at ODU.  Students may register for any of the courses on LEO Online, and may view available sections in the course schedule listing.  Each class counts as a one credit elective in a student's curriculum.
The schedule of classes on LEO Online will allow you to see what sections of UNIV courses are available.


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