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In order to provide the most efficient and consistent testing services to the students, the faculty needs to be specific as to the instructions and conditions under which examinations are to be administered. For this purpose, the University Testing Center has designed the "Request for Proctored Faculty Exam"  form. This form is also available via email or campus mail. It is important that all applicable items be completed and that a separate request be filed for each exam (but note that one such form will suffice for several students taking the same test).

Since testing is by appointment, students are expected to contact us prior to the date on which they are to test, to set up an appointment for a specific date and time. Faculty may schedule this appointment for a student if they wish, but should be explicit about the fact that they are doing so. We would like to emphasize that testing space is limited, and so making appointments early is necessary.

Prior to the appointment date/time, faculty may email or drop off test(s) from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Faculty may opt to mail the exam, but in this case they should be certain that the request form is enclosed which is completely annotated with instructions. Faculty should also anticipate the lag time for campus mail. We receive campus mail delivery only once a day.

Faculty are encouraged to consider other testing sites for unmonitored, open-book, open-notes exams, or other tests where security is not an issue. Students allowed multiple aids (such as books, notes, calculators, spell checkers, etc.) are sometimes disturbing to other students; further, space in the testing room is sometimes at a premium.

The University Testing Center is not available for entire classroom testing. Please accommodate such needs through your department.


Students, too, have certain responsibilities in conjunction with their continued use of University's testing facilities. Adherence to those responsibilities assures uniform test administration, which is in everyone's best interest.

Students agree to:

  1. Make arrangements with the faculty to take the test at the University Testing Center (Student Success Center, Room 1105).
  2. Make an examination appointment at the Testing Center at least two days in advance.
  3. Contact the Testing Center as early as possible to cancel their appointment if circumstances prevent their keeping the appointment. Repeated failure to do so may jeopardize future use of the Testing Center facilities.
  4. Clear any changes in appointment time, date, or conditions with their instructor if such changes are needed. This should be done prior to rescheduling with the Testing Center.
  5. Remind their instructor of your test appointment within a reasonable amount of time prior to the test date.
  6. Arrive on time. Failure to arrive when scheduled frequently impacts students who are scheduled for later times and sometimes limits the time available to complete the examination. Because of limited seating, after 15 minutes it will be assumed that you are a "no show" and your seat may be given away.
  7. Take bathroom breaks before entering the test room, whenever possible. Bathroom breaks taken during a timed exam are part of the total test time; therefore, one will have less actual time for the exam.
  8. Take only those items to your desk which are authorized by the instructor. No electronic devices, food or drinks are allowed. Lockers are provided for backpacks, briefcases, etc. However, the University Testing Center is not responsible for items left behind in lockers.
  9. Make appropriate arrangements for child care, etc. prior to entering the Testing facility. Babies, children of any age, parents, spouses, friends, and helpers are not allowed in the testing room.
  10. PARKING: Metered parking is available in Garage A on 43rd Street and Elkhorn Avenue. View the campus map attached. For further parking questions, please contact Transportation and Parking Services Offices at (757) 683-4004.

Testing Center is located in the Student Success Center (behind Perry Library). The address and contact information is below:

University Testing Center
4427 Hampton Boulevard
Student Success Center, Room 1105
Norfolk, VA 23529
Email: universitytesting@odu.edu
Phone: (757)683-3697