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UNIV Courses

UNIV 100 - University Orientation (1 credit hour)

UNIV 100 explores relationship between student's personal development goals, university life and academic programs.  It provides orientation to learning skills necessary to succeed in college, and also presents benefits of using various university services.


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UNIV 120 - Career and Major Exploration (1 credit hour)

UNIV 120 is a systematic exploration of individual interests and skills and career resources.  Emphasis is placed on defining goals and developing strategies to achieve goals. Career testing and individual conferences are included.

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UNIV 195 - Workforce Readiness: Training for the World of Work
(1 credit hour) 

Participate in workplace simulations in preparation for effectively managing real world situations.  Engage in self-reflection and planning, including budget management, workplace ethics, working with teams, academic success, and leadership development.  UNIV 195 will help you to develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills, project development and reporting, and conflict management skills by working with teams to solve every day workplace issues.